3 Starter Questions To Kick Off A Claim

When I was a younger person I worked as a case officer within the employment law section of the judiciary. After earlier years in private industry, where the profit and loss pages were all that mattered to the boss, it became quite a thing to be able to help people to get their cases heard in the tribunal. We weren’t allowed to advise or help them beyond just pointing them in the right direction to gain such advice etc. I used to ask 3 questions when would be claimants rang to seek help. Firstly, were they members of a union or had they been; if not, did their household insurance contain legal cover – if so, get on to that department very quickly and give them a precis of the problem . . . and be prepared to jump through hoops whilst they handled the case. If neither of those options were open to the claimant then it was sadly, just advice to go smartish to the citizen’s advice bureau and seek advice before submitting a form.