Having Work Problems? What You Need to Know

If you aren’t happy with something that your employer or colleague has said or done, you should try to talk to them about it.  Sorting out any problems early on is always the best plan!  When things aren’t sorted out quickly, you could end up getting angry and this can cause further problems between you and your employer.

On the legal side of things, it is always better to sort things out fast.  If you do not, your contract or working conditions could become permanent – if you do nothing, you may be seen to be accepting changes even if you don’t like them.

Write down your concerns with anything that happens – this can be a useful record and reminder of the situation further down the line.

If you’ve been fired, your employer starts formal disciplinary action against you, there is a procedure they must follow under a code produced by ACAS.  You should get the chance to defend yourself in a meeting, and to appeal their decision.