The OFD was originally formed as a political party. We have now moved on.

Political parties are incompatible with real democracy. This is because all political parties are centrally controlled. The people are therefore cut off from informed decision making, either by being directly excluded from the process altogether or, more cynically, by being misinformed so that their opinions and decisions may be manipulated in a particular way.

So because leadership is irrelevant to the OFD (since the people really are the decision makers), we function purely as an administrative system, communicating and processing information and opinion.

However, that does not exclude us from the political process - far from it.

A Free Democrat is anyone who believes in our core philosophy: that any citizen, PROPERLY INFORMED should, IF THEY CHOOSE, make the decisions of their government. Any Free Democrat may stand for election to any public office as an Independent committed to introducing the People's Constitution, which would provide the means for our core philosophy to become reality.

Once enough Free Democrats are elected to pass legislation using the existing system, the People's Constitution may be enacted and real democracy will finally be born.

If you believe our present system of government is wrong, and the ideas of Free Democracy are right, why not represent your own area by standing for election as an Independent councillor, MP or MEP committed to Free Democracy?


Almost any British citizen may stand for election. The basic requirements are that you are over twenty one, have not spent more than a year in prison, and are not an undischarged bankrupt. More detailed information is available on the Electoral Commission website, or by contacting us.

As we are fundamentally opposed to the concept of political parties, there is no need to join us in order to be a Free Democrat. All that's needed is that you agree with our core philosophy, and have a genuine committment to introduce the People's Constitution at the first opportunity to do so.

Your education, background or opinions are completely irrelevant providing you can wholeheartedly support our core philosophy. The personal belief that the electorate, PROPERLY INFORMED, should be free and able to make political decisions; that the majority, PROPERLY INFORMED, is always right (even if you personally disagree with them) is the only commitment from you that we ask.

The Organisation of Free Democrats is about the only group with a clear political philosophy based on delivering real democracy. Victory in the polls would be nice, but is not essential at this stage of our evolution. Initial success is measurable by simply standing up and fighting for the changes we know are right and that we know our country needs. Just recognising that truth, and educating others, are the essential starting points, the first vital steps on a long, long journey.

Further Information

If you would like more information about Free Democracy and are interested in campaigning in your own area on behalf of the Free Democrats please contact John Andrews by email or any other method on our contact us page. Thank you.

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