Reporting a Company to the Trading Standards

If you suspect a company has broken the law, or acted unfairly, you may be able to report them to Trading Standards.

Things Which Should Be Reported

  • they misled you into buying something
  • they sold you unsafe or dangerous items
  • they didn’t carry out work properly (eg left your home in a dangerous state)
  • sold you fake goods
  • pressured you into buying something you didn’t want to buy
  • sold a car which wasn’t roadworthy (would be dangerous on the road)

How To Report a Trader to Trading Standards

You simply need to call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline and tell them you wish to report a trader to trading standards.  They will assess your problem and pass it along to Trading Standards if appropriate.

What Trading Standards Do

The Trading Standards will decide whether or not to investigate your problem.  If they do, they might get in contact with you for more information or evidence.  They might take action to stop the trader for acting unfairly.