You Want to Change Your Name? Here’s What to Do…

Did you know that if you want to change your name, you can do just that!  Simply begin using your new name.  However, if you want your new name to feature on official documents such as passports, driving licence etc you’ll need to have evidence of your new name.

You can obtain evidence through making a deed poll.  This allows you to officially change your name on public records and docuements.

If you get married and take on your partner’s surname, you do not need to change your name through a deed poll, but you can use your marriage certificate (or civil partnership certificate) to apply for documents in your new name.

If you want to change a child’s name, again you start using the new name and you can get evidence of the new name in the same way as for an adult (through deed poll).  To change a child’s name you will need everyone with parental responsibility to agree to this change.